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Our trained Volunteer Crime Victim Advocates are here to help Victims in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina & Florida.

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Staff that is trained to help in a time of need.

Many of our members of our volunteer network help in the communities they practice in and have recieved training by the Attorney General's Offices to help Crime Victims and their families get the help they need during this very difficult time. Moreover, they help families fill out the Victim Compensation Form paperwork to get them help with Funeral Expenses, Loss Wages, Grief Counseling, Medical Bills, advice on any Civil case that may be available because the establishment were the incident took place did not have the appropriate security, help with the Criminal Case by informing them of the process and explaining what their rights are as a Crime Victim, as well as trying to find any help or benefits that may be available to the Crime Victim or the family member in their area.


Finding every benefit we can for the Crime Victim.

Our staff is trained in getting the right forms filled out to receive funds by the State to help you pay for funeral expenses, medical bills, therapy, loss of income and many more benefits depending on the State you reside. In addition, many of our staff work closely with other Victim Advocate Groups in your local area to get you all the available benefits for Crime Victims. 


Finding the right Support Group to get you through this.

It is times like these when a person that is a victim of a violent crime or a family member of a victim needs  emotional support. Our staff has an extensive list of hundreds of support groups that will help with the healing of such a traumatic event. We can connect you with the crime victim support groups in your area immediately. Just email us or call today we are ready to help.

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Our staff is always ready to help. Victims need help 24 hours a day so we are open 24 hours a day to help you.

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